Bakehouse 40cm Non-Stick Roaster

  • Cook vegetables and large meat joints to perfection using the Bakehouse 40cm roaster.
  • Easy and comfortable to hold and remove from the oven, reducing the risk of accidents or drops, thanks to the roaster’s deep sides and integrated handles.
  • Oven-safe and also suitable for storage in the fridge or freezer, because of the roaster’s durable heavy gauge construction.
  • Effortlessly lift and remove foods from the roaster thanks to its durable Quantum 2 non-stick coating.
  • Part of the Bakehouse & Co. range, a sleek and co-ordinated collection for home cooks and master chefs alike.

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Achieve succulent large meat joints and hot, crispy roast potatoes every time with the Bakehouse 40cm Roaster. Part of the Bakehouse collection, this item is designed with function and performance at its core.

The roaster’s ergonomic, integrated handles make this item easy and comfortable to hold, reducing the risk of accidents or drops when transferring it to and from the oven. Its deep sides ensure you won’t spill food and ingredients, minimising mess in the kitchen.

We’ve constructed this wide and generous roaster from durable carbon steel, making it oven, fridge and freezer safe — ideal for preserving pre-prepared foods or meals for future use.

The process of removing cooked foods is made easy due to the roaster’s durable non-stick Quantum 2 coating, ensuring perfectly presented meals every time.

Create impressive meals effortlessly with the Bakehouse range.

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