Bakehouse Nylon Ladle With Stainless Steel Handle

  • ● Scoop and serve large volumes of soup, sauces and hot foods direct from the pan with the Bakehouse ladle.
  • ● Lift and transfer foods with the utmost grip and control using the utensil’s stainless steel handle.
  • ● Transfer high volumes of liquids and sauces with ease because of the ladle’s deep bowl head.
  • ● Suitable for use with non-stick cookware due to the ladle’s nylon head, which is heat resistant up to 200°C.
  • ● Part of the Bakehouse & Co. range, a sleek and co-ordinated collection for home cooks and master chefs alike.

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Scoop and serve warming, comforting soups and dish up sauces easily and efficiently with the Bakehouse Nylon Ladle. Part of the Bakehouse collection, this utensil is designed with function and performance at its core.

The ladle’s stainless steel handle provides a secure grip and complete control, minimising the risk of dropping or spilling the ladle’s contents as you move it from pan to plate.

With its deep bowl head and long handle, this utensil makes it simple and safe to dip into a hot pan to lift out equal servings of a high volume.

Suitable for non-stick cookware, you won’t need to worry about damaging any your pans as the ladle is resistant up to 200°C.

Create impressive meals with ease with tools from the Bakehouse range.

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