Bakehouse Sieve

  • Separate, sift and strain ingredients with ease and efficiency using the Bakehouse sieve.
  • A secure, comfortable grip and the utmost control is provided by the sieve’s ergonomic wooden ash handle.
  • Non-slip when rested on your pots and pans due to the utensil’s innovative plastic lip.
  • Create light and fluffy bakes thanks to the robust and effective fine nylon mesh.
  • Part of the Bakehouse & Co. range, a sleek and co-ordinated cookware collection for home cooks and master chefs alike.

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Sift, strain and separate your ingredients effortlessly with the Bakehouse Sieve. Part of the Bakehouse collection, this utensil is designed with function and performance at its core.

We’ve designed the utensil’s ergonomic ash wood handle to give you complete comfort and control and to provide a firm grip when in use.

Need to rest the sieve on your pan or bowl? No problem. The utensil’s innovative plastic lip ensures it won’t slip into your mixture as you transfer flour and powered ingredients into the sieve.

Hung on a square frame, the sieve’s nylon mesh provides a large surface area for your ingredients. The fine mesh makes sieving a swift and efficient process — ideal for creating a lump-free cake and bread mixture.

Create impressive meals with ease with tools from the Bakehouse range.

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