Kitchen Pantry – Acacia Jam Spoon

  • An essential tool for all jam and confectionary makers
  • Extra long handle to keep hands well away from splashes and spills
  • A clever hook on the back of the spoon keeps it safely resting in the pan without the danger of it slipping in.
  • Flat headed design to make sure you can reach the corners of the pan and prevent your jams and sugars catching
  • 41cms long
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The Kitchen Pantry Jam spoon is purpose designed for Jams, pickles, preserves, chutneys and confectionary. At 41cms long it keeps your hands well away from the heat and minimises risk from splashes and splatters. The flat head design enables you to scrape the bottom of the pan, ensuring your recipe is fully mixed and prevents catching. We’ve even added a hook to the back of the handle so that it can be rested inside the pan without any danger of it slipping into the mix.

Designed to help you bake, make and create – the Kitchen Pantry collection is a complete range for everything you need to create you own home made products. We have selected a range of brass, wood, glass and marble finishes to evoke memories of times past, while adding contemporary twists to make the range look at home in your kitchen today.

The range is accented with honeycomb pattern embossed ceramics, brass detailed stainless steel utensils, double sided carved acacia wood chopping boards and marble serveware, so you can refresh your whole kitchenware collection or just update your collection with a few new pieces.

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