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A range for our future, &AGAIN targets the process of reducing single use plastics and items by giving you reliable and beautiful products you will want to use again and again.


Keeping your home coordinated or your lunch sustainably packed we have a solution for you. Captivate have spent time looking at how consumers use everyday products and have come up with clever solutions so you can refill or reuse items whilst embracing the latest trends. Using recycled materials where possible and being conscious of better quality products that will last longer and stop excess waste that threatens our oceans, ecosystems and human health.

Reduce, Reuse, &AGAIN.

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Artisan street Homewares tabletop and storage
Artisan Street homeware logo in white font

Artisan Street is all about eating, sharing and entertaining. Acacia wood contrasts with white and cream for classic and timeless design which is both understated and sophisticated. The ceramics are tactile and generous, the linen has natural tones and the stainless steel is stonewashed.

You’ll see from the brochure that the shapes create the most fabulous place settings.

Kitchen Pantry Homeware logo in grey with white writing

This whole range is home-made heaven for those that like to create something made with love to share with friends and family. At the very heart of making, baking and preserving is a desire to evoke memories of Grandma’s pantry and simpler times when the pace of life could slow down while people took joy in creating wonderful things in the kitchen.

Kitchen Pantry Homeware storage jars and preserving
Captivate Company Pres LUXE KITCHEN v2.jpg
Luxe Kitchen Homeware logo in brushed copper

When professional quality and pure functionality meet. Luxe Kitchen gives you all the right tools for the job, with heavy gauge bakeware, quality textiles and superior utensils and gadgets you will always find the correct cookware for your home chef experience.

Whether it’s the next birthday bake or the family Sunday roast you will be comfortable knowing your kitchenware will live up to the task.

Siip Fundamental Logo mug collection homeware in whote with coral background

This fun and creative collection by Captivate Brands spans across all types of drinkware including your favourite espresso cup and teacup to giftable mugs for friends and family. Bringing all the freshest patterns and trend colours to the forefront of your home with printed decals, reactive glazes, raw base and embossed textured patterns. With Siip there’s a mug or cup to suit everyone’s taste.

Captivate Company Pres SIIP v2.jpg
CAP WEB Siip Infuso.jpg
Siip Infuso Logo White-01.png

The best level in drinkware, Siip Infuso uses the best materials and techniques helping you to create that perfect drink at home for friends or family but keeping a sophisticated edge to suit any home.

Siip Infuso has the coffee and tea making accessories everyone needs allowing you to make that perfect brew time and time again.

Fusion tools and gadgets logo in a light grey with black writing

This utensil and gadgets collection is everything you need in a busy kitchen with intelligent features such as the ladle with straining and measuring functions to help make those meal preps effortless. Fusion has all the gadgets you could need in a modern-day kitchen with soft touch handles for that extra grip. The utensils come in stainless steel and nylon heads to keep those non-stick pans safe and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher before its next use.

Create, Inspire, Fuse.

Fusion tools and gadgets Kitchenware
CAP WEB Fusion Twist.jpg
Fusion Twist Logo White-01.png

All the colour you could ever want for your kitchen. Fusion Twist comprises of quality silicone utensils and a range of gadgets for every situation you can come across. You will find the colour to suit your style and kitchen, these every day products will stand up to the task and be your kitchen essential for many years to come.

The Bakehouse & Co homeware logo in white on a red background

For those that like to get creative in the kitchen, Bakehouse is a brand dream come true. Every gadget is there to ensure that any cook can take their signature dishes to the next level. It’s the little details that make a big difference – mixing bowls come with seal-tight lids, grip handles and non-slip bases, sieves and graters can be fitted to mixing bowls and there are some original and quirky products like double-sided chopping boards. 

Bakehouse and co Homewares for baking sharing
Captivate Company Pres Dalton & Turner.jpg
Dalton & Turner Logo White-01.png

Sophisticated barware for socialising with friends and creating the perfect drinking at home experience. From cocktail making to preserving your favourite wine for another night then we have you covered. The range consists of practical products that ensure you keep your drink fresh and topped up.

Mary Berry Homeware logo in white
MB Signature Collection homewares logo

Understated elegance for everyday living – a truly classic kitchenware collection for modern times. Ideal for both informal dining and the most special of occasions.

Collect it, love it, treasure it…

MB English Garden Collection Homewares logo

Reflecting Mary’s passion for gardening and nature through beautiful drawings of classic British birds and flowers combined with clean and classic product shapes; the collection has a timeless appeal. 

MB At Home Logo-01.png

Quite simply everything you would want and need to bake along with Mary Berry at home. The superior bakeware is designed for the very best results and easy release non stick ensures you will have the ability to create those show stoppers every time.

Mary Berry Homeware tabletop ceramics
Captivate Company Pres YVONNE ELEN.jpg
YE Main Logo White.png

Yvonne Ellen was founded in 2013 and has built on her success for beautifully designed crockery ever since.

Carefully illustrated animals with on trend colours and subtle hints of gold give you an elegant aesthetic that’s great for gifts or just buying yourself a treat.

The collaboration with Captivate brands brings the unique style to your home with a twist of nostalgia.

Yvonne’s work can be seen in many of the UKs top retailers but the ethos stays strong to the original style thanks to the passion from Yvonne and her team.

MicrosoftTeams-image (11).png

Catherine Lansfield is renowned for style and quality, it is the label of choice for those who love and value great home fashion.

Catherine Lansfield products are designed and developed in Great Britain and ethically sourced overseas under strict quality control.

The collaboration with Captivate Brands brings your favourite patterns into the kitchen and dining room ensuring you get the best style and quality for your home.

Bring your home to life with style and quality.

Captivate Company Pres CATHERINE LANSFIELD.jpg
Captivate Company Pres ELEANOR.jpg

Eleanor Bowmer runs a textile design and illustration studio based in Manchester. Eleanor has worked as a designer for several years and prides herself on beautifully curated products that resonate with fun prints and bright colours.

Together with Captivate Brands she has created a stunning and playful range of products for your home, from fun tea party's to baking at home with your family and even the pets get included in this unique range. The detail in this range is extraordinary with scalloped teapots and mug handles in the shape of the letter ‘e’ it truly captures Eleanor’s style.

PPB Logo Collar B+W.png

Founded in 2016, Sophie fosters her creativity, originality and imagination bringing her products to life resulting in a large and loyal customer base with great social media following.

Our inspiring designs are at the heart of PPB and we are proud to ship beautiful products all over the world.

Obsessed with unique details, crafted fabrics and unexpected colour combos all working beautifully together.

PPB innovate and create original and exceptional quality Dog walking accessories and human clothing.

Captivate brands are excited to launch a collaboration with Pawsome Paws expanding our quality product base into new areas.

Captivate Company Pres PAWSOME.jpg
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